CNC ddraw的一些特殊配制

有很多老的游戏使用的ddraw的API,在vista、win7,win10中无法被调用起来。这个时候就可以下载cnc ddraw放到游戏程序执行目录中,直接运行起来

Releases · FunkyFr3sh/cnc-ddraw (版本Note: If you use cnc-ddraw with a game that got its own windowed mode built in then make sure you disable the games own windowed mode first. If you want to play in windowed mode then start the game once in fullscreen and then press Alt+Enter to enable the cnc-ddraw windowed mode (Or modify ddraw.ini without using Alt+Enter).版本博德之门2:Added support for Baldur’s Gate 2 – Note: ‘Use 3D Acceleration’ must be -disabled- and ‘Full Screen’ must be -enabled- in BGConfig.exe

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